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The Billboard Spotlight: Children's Entertainment - February 24, 1996


Dennis Scott is a children's artist whose 30 to 40 kids' performances a year evolved from his prolific songwriting. Nashville­based Scott, who'd been a child actor, keeps up on his kids' concerts, even though the bulk of his income is derived from songwriting. "It keeps me in touch with kids," he says, "and when I have new material, I find out right away whether they like it."

His children's songwriting credits are extensive, and he won a Grammy for best children's recording several years back, for his contribution to "Sesame Street Country." Scott composes for records, videos, stage shows and special products. He's written for Disney, Sony, Peter Pan Industries, the Benson Co., Quaker Oats and Wonderland Records, among others.

Scott also has done a quantity of work for audiobook collections by publishers including Random House, MacMillan and Metacom. Recent projects include a video series called Let's Have Fun (Highlander Video), pre-programmed keyboard songs for JTG of Nashville's "Play A Tune Plus" toy instrument and an upcoming Children's Television Workshop/Turner TV venture called "Big Bag," which will air on the new Turner Toon Network. Plus, he's released his own children's albums on his own Act N label.

Even for someone as in demand as Scott is, he says it still takes constant vigilance to remain that way. "It's taken a long time to get to the point where 1'm in the loop for all these projects," he says.

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