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Entertainer extraordinaire Dennis Scott has left no corner of the children's music industry unexplored. Like a bee flitting from flower to flower, the energetic Scott has sampled success in a number of areas: production, composing, songwriting and performing. He's been awarded a slew of honors for his work, including a Grammy for Sesame Street Country, an album he composed and produced with Jim Henson. Big-name performers such as Ray Charles, Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle have recorded his songs. One of Scott's own tunes, "Three Kool Blind Mice," is currently enjoying air play on Radio AAHS''. Don Michaels, Radio AAHS music director, calls it "one of the best-written and produced songs to come along." To top it off, Scott gives frequent live performances for children.

From composition to performing, Dennis Scott does it all.

Like many children's artists, Scott started out writing for adults. But his 1978 novelty tribute to "Star Trek," Captain Kirk's Disco Trek, diverted him to the children's market. Although there were no takers for the Trekkie album, one production company liked Scott's sense of humor and asked him to write an album of children's songs. Scott obliged, and eventually was asked to work on the 1981 release of Sesame Street Country, a collection of kids' music with a country flair.

Another break came in 1987, when Ray Charles performed Scott's song "Always a Friend" on the former ABC sitcom "Who's the Boss." Scott says nothing compares to the experience of listening to a musical legend perform his work.

"Those are the moments writers live for. I'm more thrilled by listening to someone like Ray Charles or Big Bird sing one of my songs than I am by hearing myself sing the song. I guess I'll always be somewhat star-struck," he effuses.

Scott's work can be heard on a number of popular children's works, such as Earthbeat Records' Kangaroo Kids, Walt Disney Records' The Little Mermaid - Splash Hits! and PPI's Trollies Radio Show Sing Along. He recently wrote and produced songs for "The Animals of Farthing Wood," an animated video to be distributed in early 1997 by CBS/FOX Home Video.

Earlier this year, Scott won an Emmy for "The Trollies Musical Adventure," a Pro-Kids Production video starring a cast of muppet-like trolls. Scott not only involved himself in composition; he also helped develop the characters. "I find that I'm getting more involved with script writing and creative development as well as the music. I'm an ideas person, and this is another outlet for my creative energy," he says.

Apparently that energy is quite boundless. Scott is currently working on pieces for "The Kenny Rogers Christmas Special" and a cassette tape and character for a toy company. That ought to keep him busy for a week or so.

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